Welcome to ELEDIA@UTB

    ELEDIA@UTB, directed by Dr. Minh-Son DAO, is a research group hosted hosted at the University Teknologi Brunei (UTB) aimed at strengthening the cooperation with academic and industrial partners involved in joint research and project initiatives also in synergy with the other nodes of the ELEDIA international research network.

    The activities developed at the ELEDIA@UTB node cover different research topics in the framework of wireless communications and systems, including the distributed wireless monitoring by means of the Internet of Things technologies for smart agriculture, natural disaster monitoring and forecasting, healthcare and well-being in smart cities and communities, big data intelligence analytics and management.

    The mission of the ELEDIA@UTB node is to strengthen the theoretical background in the research fields of interest for UTB and the ELEDIA Network as well as to join regional, national, and international project initiatives in order to turn the results of the researches into experiments and real-world products in line with the actual technological and societal needs. 

    Contact: utb-brunei@eledia.org