ELEDIA Turns 20!

ELEDIA Turns 20! It was back in October-November 2000 that the ELEDIA brand began to circulate in an official form…


is professor at the National Engineering School of Tunis, Tunisia (ENIT) with experience in teaching since 1990. Since 1995 at the School of Communications of Tunis (Sup'Com). He is currently the General Director of the Technological Studies at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. He is the founder in 2012 and the General Chair of the International Conference on Information Processing and Wireless Systems (IP-WiS). He is the founder in 2012 and the President of the "Tunisian Association for Scientific Innovation and Technology" (TASIT, www.tasit-com.org). He founded in 2005 and he is the Director of the Research Laboratory Innov'COM "Innovation of communicating and Cooperative Mobile Laboratory" (www.innov-com.org). He founded in 2005 and he is the Director of the National School of Engineers of Sousse (www.eniso.rnu.tn) and he is the Director of the School of Technology and Computer Science from 2010. He obtained his doctorate in 1998 and his HDR in 2003 on the multi-user detection in cellular radio systems of the next generation. His research and fundamental development are on the physical layer of communication systems, particularly on digital communications systems and information theory, the next generation of wireless networks, and technology MIMO Wireless Communications.

Mail To: ridha.bouallegue[at]supcom.tn, ridha.bouallegue[at]eledia.org